Invisible. Isolated. Human.

How your simple act of kindness can make the Same Kind of Difference

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Djimon Hounsou as Denver Moore and Renee Zellweger as Debbie Hall in Paramount production of Same Kind of Different as Me (In theatres Oct 20th)

Time is of the Essence.

October 20th is the National Release of the Movie Same Kind of Difference as Me

Ron Hall and the Same Kind of Different as Me Foundation will partner with up to 300 local gospel rescue missions and homeless agencies to bring our homeless not only to the movie, but into a loving community to help them get back on their feet.

Sometimes a simple act of human kindness can make the same kind of difference. 

Appreciated. Valued. Encouraged.

“Imagine the love someone experiencing homelessness will feel when they receive a Blessing Bag and a Movie Ticket, Popcorn and Drink from you?”

– Ron Hall | Author | Same Kind of Difference as Me