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Welcome to The same kind foundation 

Join us in BLESSING those with shattered dreams, who have lost all hope, be able to HOPE and DREAM again.


One incredible true story led to thousands more.

Same Kind of Different as Me author Ron Hall tells the story of his life-changing friendship with the dangerous homeless drifter, Denver Moore. Watch as real people tell their stories from the Union Gospel Mission, in the chapel named for Ron’s late wife Miss Debbie.

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Same Kind of Different as Me movie edition of the NY Time best-seller only $10 each - delivered.

If you love the story 'Same Kind of Different as Me' - now you can share the movie edition of the book with friends for only $10 per book. (retail $17.99)

Plus, your purchase supports the Same Kind Foundation - the 911 for emergency needs with homeless agencies.

Just last week we were able to pay the electric bill to keep a shelter open this winter.

Books by the Box include 36 copies of the limited movie edition book 'Same Kind of Different as Me'.

$360 includes 36 books (FREE shipping.)


Beyond the Sign.

Have you seen it?

The sign a person holds up at the corner of an intersection.

  • Hungry, need help.

  • Homeless Vet, out of work, need money and prayer.

  • Wife and dog kidnapped by Ninja’s…need $$ for Kung Fu lessons…I’d really like that dog back.

The reality is those cardboard messages are in fact a sign of something deeper.


According to a recent Baylor University study, “People don’t become homeless when they run out of money, at least not right away. They become homeless when they run out of relationships.”

Whether the signs are true – there are real people in real need of relationships and blessings...practical, physical, relational, emotional, and spiritual.

Here is just one way you can be that person who blesses.

The Same Kind Foundation was born from a question:

"How can I make a difference? "

Launched from the overwhelming response to the NY Times best seller, Same Kind of Different as Me, the Same Kind Foundation has become the ‘911’ for homeless individuals and the agencies who serve them.

If you do not know the story, Ron Hall was a successful art dealer and his wife Debbie seemly had the perfect life. But their faith and family were tested by extreme pain. It was then an unlikely bond with a dangerous homeless drifter named ‘Suicide’ led them on a crazy journey.

The book is now a major motion picture starring Renee Zellwinger, Greg Kinnear, Djimon Hounsou, Jon Voight and Olivia Holt. (hailed by critics and audiences as ‘powerful’ and ‘inspiring’)

And now, Ron’s newest book, ‘Workin’ Our Way Home’ as told in both Ron and Denver’s unique voice about the incredible true story of the ten years they lived together after the original Same Kind story. 

Mark P. Fisher with NY Times Best selling author, Ron Hall.

Embarrassingly funny story of when international art dealer Ronnie Ray Hall and homeless drifter Denver Moore were invited to the White House.

Creative Ways You Can Give & Receive


A donation here will help many of those who have found themselves in the ditches of life desperately in need of a good Samaritan.

And you can rest assured that regardless of what they choose to do with your money, YOU WILL RECEIVE THE BLESSINGS.

For what you do for the least of these, you have done for God and it does not go unnoticed.

Gift of Art

As a fine art dealer for forty years, clients and friends of Same Kind of Different as Me Charitable Foundation have opted to give unwanted valuable art objects that can easily be converted to cash.

Recently a generous woman donated a beautiful piece we sold for $30,000! The cash was then invested to support struggling missions and homeless individuals desperately in need of shelter or transportation.

How about you?

Please email specifics to: . If possible, include photos, size, info on artist as well as original price paid.

This donated art provided $30,000 to bless the homeless through The Same Kind Foundation and our partner agencies.

This donated art provided $30,000 to bless the homeless through The Same Kind Foundation and our partner agencies.

Through affiliates 


Did you know, socks are the #1 requested clothing item at homeless shelters? When you buy from Bombas not only do you receive amazing socks - one pair is donated to a homeless shelter on your behalf.

Cellar Angels:

Wine purchased on Cellar Angels benefits the Same Kind Foundation.

Sackcloth & Ashes:

Stunning blankets PLUS for every blanket you purchase, one is given to a local homeless shelter.


Those who have given stock to a non-profit organization know the secret. It is often more rewarding to transfer the stock to the charity than it has been to keep it all those years. One of the greatest benefits of transferring stock is that you no longer worry about their value. When you hold a stock, you may be concerned about the ups and downs of the market. When you transfer the stock – and the worries – to Same Kind of Different As Me Charitable Foundation, the restlessness stops and the rewards begin. Consult your investment or tax professional about benefits of transferring stock before making the gift.

Contact Mark P. Fisher