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Together, we can make the same kind of difference!


You Can Help Restore the lives of the homeless, hungry, abused and hurting. Join us.

"The Same Kind of Different As Me Foundation is the '911' for those experiencing homelessness and the agencies that serve them." - Ron Hall, author, screenwriter and man who lived the story

Our foundation work was birthed from the thousands of responses we received from readers whose lives were impacted by reading our New York Times best selling book Same Kind of Different as Me published in 2006 or watching the now a major motion picture.

A donation to the foundation will help those who have found themselves in the ditches of life desperately in need of a good Samaritan. Please take a small step by donating today. Thank you.

Watch this unique and powerful video on how your gift CAN make a difference.


3-ways you can make the same kind of difference in your city.

  1. Read and practice7 Practical Ways We Can Help Someone Experiencing Homelessness

  2. Donate to the Same Kind of Different as Me Foundation which is the '911' for shelters who serve those experiencing homelessness.
  3. Inspire others by inviting Ron Hall to tell his story at your corporate event or fundraiser. Contact Mark P. Fisher
Same Kind of Different As Me

about the book

The New York Times Bestseller now made into a motion picture

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Same Kind of Different as Me Trailer

A special, behind the scenes look into how how the movie affected Renee Zellweger, Djimon Hounsou and Greg Kinnear.

The unlikely journey of two very different men




Denver was born in rural Louisiana in January 1937 and after several tragic events went to live on a plantation in Red River Parish with his Uncle James and Aunt Ethel, who were sharecroppers.

Sometime around 1960, he hopped a freight train and began a life as a homeless drifter until 1966 when a judge awarded him a ten year contract for hard labor at the Louisiana State School of Fools, aka, Angola Prison!

According to Denver, he went in a boy and left a man and received a standing ovation from prisoners in the yard as he walked out of there in 1976. For the next twenty-two years he was homeless on the streets of Fort Worth, Texas. However, there were a few times after a brush with the law, he'd ride the rails visiting cities and hobo jungles across America, sampling regional cuisine like Vienna sausage with fellow passengers.

In 1998, in Denver's own words, "I never met Miss Debbie, Miss Debbie met me" and his life was forever changed.

Denver was quick to tell everyone he was just a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody that can save everybody. However this self-proclaimed nobody became an artist, selling hundreds of his original paintings to fans everywhere. He became a singer and self-taught piano player entertaining thousands with his down-home, red-dirt-road style of blues and gospel. Convention centers and auditoriums were filled to hear him tell his motivational story of hope and redemption while raising millions for homeless causes all across America. In 2006, he was named Fort Worth Texas' Philanthropist of the Year for his work on behalf of the Union Gospel Mission.

Denver's mantra was "We are all homeless, just workin' our way home". On March 31, 2012, God swung open the gates of heaven and welcomed him home. He was seventy-five years old when he was reunited with Miss Debbie and left behind millions of folks forever changed by his testimony.

ron hall's biography

Ron Hall’s life was centered around a successful career as an international art dealer and a passion for his Rocky Top ranch on the Brazos River. All this changed in 1998 as a result of an encounter with a homeless man who was threatening to kill everyone in sight in the homeless shelter where Ron and his wife Deborah had begun to volunteer two weeks earlier.

This life-changing encounter, featured on many television and radio shows, inspired Ron to write his first book SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME, a story of hope and redemption. The word-of-mouth hit became a New York Times platinum bestseller and stayed on the list for more than three and one-half years.

In 2007, President Bush appointed Ron to the State Department Cultural Property Committee to advise the President on diplomatic matters regarding international art and antiquities. He served through December 2011.

Currently, Ron is a screenwriter and producer of the movie version of his book SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME to be released digitally Feb. 6 2018 and on DVD/Bluray Feb. 20 2018.

Even though only 8 critics panned the movie with comments like, "The very horrible complexities of racism and intolerance are simplified in ways inherent to many a Hollywood and faith-based film, all in the aim of glib uplift that may salve the individual spirit but solves absolutely nothing."

BUT 91% of audiences loved the movie. With comments like:

"5-stars. This movie was outstanding. The official critics you definitely can ignore. Very inspiring and so glad I went to see this movie. Loved it."

His new book, Working Our Way Home releases Feb. 20 2018.

Ron and his wife Beth reside in Dallas where they direct the Same Kind of Different as Me Foundation.

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How to help

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A donation here will help many of those who have found themselves in the ditches of life desperately in need of a good Samaritan.
And you can rest assured that regardless of what they choose to do with your money, YOU WILL RECEIVE THE BLESSINGS.
For what you do for the least of these, you have done for God and it does not go unnoticed.

Gift of Art

As a fine art dealer for forty years, clients and friends of Same Kind of Different as Me Charitable Foundation have opted to give unwanted valuable art objects that can easily be converted to cash.
Recently a generous woman donated a beautiful piece we sold for $30,000! The cash was then invested to support struggling missions and homeless individuals desperately in need of shelter or transportation.
How about you? 
Please email specifics to: . If possible, include photos, size, info on artist as well as original price paid.

Through affiliates 

Did you know, socks are the #1 requested clothing item at homeless shelters? When you buy from Bombas not only do you receive amazing socks - one pair is donated to a homeless shelter on your behalf. 
Cellar Angels:  
Wine purchased on Cellar Angels benefits the Same Kind Foundation.
Sackcloth & Ashes:  
Stunning blankets PLUS for every blanket you purchase, one is given to a local homeless shelter.


Those who have given stock to a non-profit organization know the secret. It is often more rewarding to transfer the stock to the charity than it has been to keep it all those years. One of the greatest benefits of transferring stock is that you no longer worry about their value. When you hold a stock, you may be concerned about the ups and downs of the market. When you transfer the stock – and the worries – to Same Kind of Different As Me Charitable Foundation, the restlessness stops and the rewards begin. Consult your investment or tax professional about benefits of transferring stock before making the gift.
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