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Imagine you are homeless.

Hard to imagine, I know, but go with me. You have nowhere to stay.

You’ve burnt bridges with family.

Your friends are tired of you sleeping on their couch.

You feel lost.

You feel alone.

You can’t believe it’s happened to you.

Where would you turn to find safe shelter?

For Julie*, it was her phone.

A single mom of a toddler, escaping an abusive boyfriend, who told her she was worthless, Julie found herself on the run and on the street.

On a whim, she Googled ‘homeless shelter near me’ into her phone.

At the top of her search was the Same Kind of Different as Me Foundation.

She had never read the book or seen the movie.

She was just desperate.

She clicked ‘locate a shelter’ on the Foundation website.

Within seconds she was given several choices in her city.

Thanks to the Same Kind Foundation website, not only did Julie find safe shelter that night but for several months.

She discovered she was valued and loved at her local rescue mission.

She received life skills to be a better parent. Job skills to land a job with living wages. She connected to a caring volunteer who helped her find an apartment and church community.

The Same Kind Foundation website was the desperate starting place for Julie to move off the street and get back on her feet.

According to Google, the Same Kind Foundation connects between 1000-1600 folks like Julie EVERY MONTH to safe shelters near them.

Please partner with us to connect lost and broken people like Julie through the Same Kind Foundation to life-giving shelters.

Would you help us make the Same Kind of Difference in your city and state?